Our Work

IO21 leads the technological aspects of different projects’ needs. We bring a modern touch and provide the right technology to pursue and accomplish the objective.


E-Commerce Website


Informative Website


Mobile Application

Danji E-Commerce

What we did:
Developed an E-Commerce website using python and bootstrap along with WooCommerce (the eCommerce Platform). Also programmed custom features that fit Danji’s market needs, specifically targeting audiences in the fashion industry.

Through our development, the previously offline-exclusive stores expanded to online stores. Going online expanded Danji’s market beyond the local buyers to a nation-wide service and significantly increased its profitability.


What we did:
IO21 built an informative and promotional website for Ordah. We designed the UI/UX of the website and developed the website using php. Additionally, the web is connected to Google Analytics to give the client insights to their advertising ROI and visitors.

Within a short development period, we created a website that emphasizes the business's strong suits and generates a lead through a sign-up page. The website provides users easily accessible ways to connect with Ordah and information that can be effortlessly read. Our design is not only effective but also eye-catching and tasteful, keeping up with modern trends. IO21 furthermore provides maintenance support for any errors or downtimes for reliability and responsibility.

Sunya Meditation

What we did:
Developed a mental health and mindfulness application to help users set aside a part of their day to relaxing activities such as meditation and provide tips. Also produced visual guides to yoga poses and meditation postures; provided content writing help to best describe the benefits of meditation.

Created a cross-platform application, which is both iOS and Android compatible using C#. Sunya Meditation is a user-friendly application that focuses on minimal touches and simple navigation. Also, this application is accessibility friendly by utilizing sound and haptic sensors to assist people of determination.

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