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IO21 leads the technological aspects of different projects’ needs. We bring a modern touch and provide the right technology to pursue and accomplish the objective.

Kairow Security

Security software with advanced data analytics, AI, and ML

Apexx E-commerce

E-commerce website for performance supplements

Lead-generation platform and analytics

Full digital transformation of traditional customer engagement methods by automating the lead generation, collection, and logging

Blockchain Web App

Blockchain software with frontend delivered as web application and backend utilizing AWS

Kairow Security

What we did:
This project aimed to develop a deep learning architecture for image and text classification to analyze and calculate the possibility of danger / criminal acts based on one’s profile and the environment circumstances. It mainly focused on alerting an administrator with background information and analysis of one’s profile.

This project’s approach employed a neural network solution composed of different models using Long- Short-Term-Memory (LSTM). The optimization techniques such as data augmentation, hyperparameter tuning, and dropout were used to achieve more accurate and less biased models.

IO21 created a profile database and prediction algorithms by utilizing a hybrid of LSTM and the CNN- LSTM for a faster runtime and higher accuracy. Also, we successfully developed the algorithms combining core features of the below:

• Individual masking with deep scanning

• Multi-people masking

• Video analysis

• Face classification

• Facial expression analysis

• Behavioural analysis (based on the text)

• Object detection

• History statistics simulator.

Apexx E-commere

What we did:
Developed an E-Commerce website using python and bootstrap along with WooCommerce (the eCommerce Platform). Also programmed custom features that fit Apexx’s market needs, specifically targeting audiences in the health and sports industry.

We designed the UI/UX of the website and developed the website using php. Additionally, the web is connected to Google Analytics to give the client insights to their advertising ROI and visitors.

Within a short development period, we created a website that emphasizes the business's strong suits and great products available to purchase. Also, the website provides users with easily accessible ways to connect with Apexx and information that can be effortlessly read. Our design is not only effective but also eye-catching and tasteful, keeping up with modern trends. IO21 furthermore provides maintenance support for any errors or downtimes for reliability and responsibility.

Lead-generation platform and analytics

What we did:
The challenge of this project was the full digital transformation of traditional customer engagement methods. The end goal was to automate lead generation, collection, and logging. Also, the project required web traffic analytics to capture the audience’s characteristics for marketing purposes.

We implemented a minimal-click user experience (UX) for end-users of the lead-generation platform. As shown in Figure 3, the interface displays the featured product with a simple button that connects a customer with the company's staff member with one click. Also, this lead-generation platform was configured with various marketing tools and web traffic analytics to monitor users’ activities such as view time, scroll, demographics, and more.

IO21 increased the client’s online lead generation by over 1000% and provided the client's team unparalleled visibility into the demographics of prospective customers within the MENA region. We have achieved this by:

- Site visit and set up of lead-generation

- Development of featured product page

- On-going daily monitoring and optimization

- Domain and hosting set up

- Maintenance of traffic and emergency downtime

- Provision of 24/7 domain and hosting support.

Blockchain Web App

What we did:
This project attempted to build a web application powered by a blockchain backend to enhance database security. The primary goal of the deliverable was to transform the current centralized system into a decentralized form and decrease the risk of cyber-attacks, specifically of injecting inaccurate information or modifying stored data.

We first examined use-case scenarios for the academic field, such as a student hacking into the server to tamper with one’s grade. To resolve this type of problem, we utilized blockchain for business. We carefully designed data protection following these properties: immutable data storage, secure time-stamping, and decentralized authentication process. Specifically, IO21 integrated smart contract system with ensured chain-of-evidence for documents and activated digital-trace of all modifications.

We successfully built the program that data immutability is algorithmically protected by blockchain technology and can be verified. In addition, the new system saves time, money, and duplication in procedures between a variety of educational facilities and students.


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