Software Development Company in the UAE

We design and develop innovative software customized to fulfil your needs. Whether you want a website that provides information, a mobile app, or a website dedicated to e-commerce, come to us with your ideas.

Global mentorships and seminars

Hailey Yoon (CTO) is a mentor for Manara and Women in Tech.

Supporting student clubs and local sports

IO21 supports EGL American Football League and InternSip at University of Waterloo.

IO21 internship program

The internship program has had 7 successful cohorts and boasts an 87% employment rate upon completion.

Our Merit

Why IO21?

Our Team

At IO21 we are dedicated to building our diverse and experienced team to ensure your projects are managed by award-winning leadership, developed by software engineers with years of experience with leading firms in the industry, as well as a mentorship initiative to make sure your projects constantly have fresh perspectives.


Conveniently located in the Middle East IO21’s Central location allows us to provide on-site support to clients, as well as local sourcing of designers that are able to understand and interpret layouts according to different regions. our location allows us to engage with real-life, setups, and scenarios as well as analytics of our products.

Mission and Vision

Provide simple solutions for complex connections.
Be powered by intellect and driven by values
Develop innovative and cutting-edge technology


In order to provide our clients with the optimal experience, we ensure both quality and speed. We don’t want our clients to compromise one over the other. Our team's experience allows us to complete tasks as quickly as possible while maintaining and meeting IO21’s as well as our client's standards


Transparency is one of our key factors to our success. Although we always have a positive attitude and thinking, we want our clients to be up-to-date on all progresses and setbacks with their project, no matter what, one facing challenges, we never give up until there’s a solution, but we also want our clients feedback