Innovative & Cutting-edge Technology

IO21 leads the technological aspects of different projects’ needs. We bring a modern touch and provide the right technology to pursue and accomplish the objective.

Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values.

Our elite team consists of experienced experts in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more. At IO21, we emphasize responsibility and quality and promise that our work will reflect both.

Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

The complicated technologies necessary for projects could seem daunting at first. IO21’s specialized teams find the most efficient yet meticulous solutions to these intricate problems.

Hello, we are IO21

IO21 FZ LLC is dedicated to developing innovative software that provides technological solutions to people's needs. We also offer software development services for business growth and more. Following our motto “powered by intellect, driven by value,” we ensure to deliver high-quality products, operate efficiently, and support continuous improvement.


1. Develop innovative and cutting-edge technology
2. Be powered by intellect and driven by values
3. Provide simple solutions for complex connections

Our Services

Tech Services & Solutions

Software Development

Our team manages the technological aspects of projects and creates advanced software that fits our client's needs.

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications that transfer our client’s ideas onto interactive and easy-to-use platforms that can engage with users.

Website Development

We create websites that are not only visually appealing but also with the user in mind, delivering seamless user experience.

E-commerce Development

IO21 brings business goals to life through developing websites that enable our clients to effectively reach and market their products to customers.

Technology Consulting

Our experts guide clients through their projects' technological needs and help them find the most effective way to achieve them.

Website Maintenance

We provide maintenance service to ensure peak performance of your website at all times.


IO21 uses the most up-to-date technologies in our development to create the most cutting-edge and advanced product.

- Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
- The Internet of Things (IoT)
- Big Data and augmented analytics
- Blockchains and distributed ledgers
- Cloud and edge computing
- Digitally extended realities
- Computer vision and facial recognition
- Voice interfaces and chatbots


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